About Us

LJ Legacy Impact Foundation was launched July 2020, in memory of Louise Johnson (LJ, 1924 -2019) by her granddaughter Natalee A. Johnson. Louise Johnson impacted the lives of her family and others from the community. As a nurse, living in Jamaica, she gave her life to serving others and caring for her family. Through her dedication and unconditional love, she empowered and impacted those around her.

LJLIF provides access to quality wrap-around holistic services, support, programs, and resources. The foundation focuses on building stronger children, youth, individuals, and families from a client-centered, strength-based, and culturally responsiveness and relevant lens, with and an anti-oppressive framework.

The foundation focuses on civic engagement, advocacy, education, financial literacy, health and wellness, mental health, community, building resilience, Nia Black heritage teachings, STEAM/STEM, Mentorship, 21st century skills, Ubuntu teachings, empowerment, delivering afro-centric teaching for children and youth, knowledge transfer and serving as a community hub for people who self-identify as Black and from the African Diaspora community (BAC- Black, African, Caribbean communities in Canada and the USA). LJLIF provides a safe space for members of the BAC communities. LJLIF focuses on Black excellence, joy, empowerment, and impact, while focusing on providing a sense of belonging, community, positive change and leaving a legacy, while building partnerships with other organizations.