Rising Sun’s Mentor Program

Program Details

The Rising Sun’s Mentor Program is a program specifically for Black males ages 8 to 25 years old. Please note, due to the pandemic the program will be virtual until further notice. The program serves Black boys and youth through Canada. Boys will be paired with a mentor that lives in the same community or province. Priority is given to boys and youth from single parent homes, boys and youth living in priority community areas, boys and youth who require academic support and who may be in conflict with the law. Mentors and mentees will attend approximately two orientation sessions prior to the start of the mentor program. All mentors must obtain a vulnerable criminal reference check prior to mentoring. The program will consist of group meetings with other mentors/mentees, community outings (postponed due to Covid-19), virtual session. 

Five Focus Areas

Mentees will receive resources, support, and learn about school success. The program will focus on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and empowerment.

Mentees will have the opportunity to explore a variety of career options, including networking with professional from various careers. Mentors will have the opportunity to share their own journey with mentees and provide guidance. 

Mentors will learn soft-skills and leadership skills that will teach them to be critical thinkers and change agents.

Mentees will participate in a variety of hands-on activities and programs, including virtual programs and activities with their mentor. 

Mentees will have the opportunity to develop life-skills, while engaging with their mentors. 


Mentees will:

  •  learn sustainable life skills
  • be empowered and motivated to pursue their goals 
  • develop soft skills through a variety of programs and activities
  • participate in STEAM activities 
  • connect with Black male role models from the African, Caribbean and Black community 
  • develop an in depth understanding of ownership and financial literacy
  • increase confidence and self-esteem
  • connect with community leaders and role models 
  • engage in programs and activities related to Black history, culture and excellence

Each mentor is dedicated in impacting the lives of mentees. Our program focuses on Black excellence, culture and identity. 

For more information regarding the Rising Sun’s Mentorship, mentors please contact Jeff@ljlegacyimpactfoundation.org

Parents, guardians and youth leaders seeking mentorship for youth and young adults up to age 25, please contact info@ljlegacyimpactfoundation.org