Vision, Mission and Values


To serve, empower, educate, impact, leave a legacy, inspire, and edify the lives of children, youth, young adults, and single mothers and families from the African, Caribbean, and Black communities while providing a safe space and sense of belonging.


To impact lives, leave a legacy, build stronger communities, individuals, and families from a strength-based, holistic, culturally responsive approach.


Leadership: To provide opportunities for growth, development, and continuous learning opportunities

Advocacy: To use our voice and platform while addressing racial justice, inequalities, anti-Black racism, dismantling biases and discrimination within communities, and systems

Collaboration: To work within multidisciplinary team, organizations, and corporations to build stronger healthier communities

Impact: To strongly affect the whole development of individuals, and communities

Legacy: To leave a legacy that is passed on from one generation to the other

Educate: To provide resources, information, and programming that educates and empowers

Diversity: To provide a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment

Integrity: To operate in honest, trustworthy, respectful, and fair manner that represent excellence

Quality: To provide quality services, and continue to improve

Equity: To provide equitable services for clients we serve

Sustainability: To continue to focus on capacity building and sustainability